Certified Inspection

Improve Your House Selling Odds with a Certified Inspection

Many real estate listings make their offerings look perfect, but buyers are often skeptical. This is because there are so many cases in which the "perfect" house turns out to be a money pit. One way to assuage these suspicions is to get a certified inspection for the house you're trying to sell.
Home inspectors near me say that there are two key times when an inspection should be obtained for a house that you want to sell. One is long before you actually put it on the market. This gives you a chance to find out about any problems that could cause a buyer to walk away if they get their own inspections. Once you do, you can then fix them and eliminate this potential sticking point. Alternatively, you can adjust your price with the assumption that the buyer will do the repairs.
The other time you should get a certified inspection is just before you list the house. At this point, you should have all of the major issues already taken care of. Then, having a third-party inspection allows you to prove that the house is in good working order. Prospective buyers will be impressed that you bothered, and glad that they don't have to hire their own inspector.
In any of these cases, home inspectors near me say that sellers often find it worthwhile to get inspections – even if they've lived in the house for years. Just because you've lived somewhere a long time doesn't mean that you know everything that is going on with it. For example, you likely haven't been up on the roof for a while, or down in the crawlspace if you have one. An inspection will shed light on exactly what is happening in your old home.

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