Real Estate Inspection

Do You Need a Home Inspector in Southern Maine?

As you can guess, home inspectors always recommend that you get their services before buying a house. While this tendency is understandable, you may wonder if it is always correct. As with many things, it turns out that there are some exceptions to the rule.
If you're a highly experienced handyman or general contractor, you may not need to bring in a home inspector in Southern Maine. When you are in these professions, you have experience handling the types of repairs homes tend to need. More importantly, your experience allows you to spot problems that lay people would consider to be "hidden," and properly estimate how much work, materials, and time will need to be invested to fix them.
Another time you may choose not to get a real estate inspection is when you're looking for a house at a low price and know that you'll be satisfied as long as it stays standing. Depending on your life experience, you may be able to determine that much without any special training. However, in this case, it's a good idea to have a budget for "surprises" – because there will be some.
If you're not in one of these categories, then the advice of a home inspector in Southern Maine is well worth the money. Most people do not want to deal with surprises when they first move into a home, nor do they want to start tackling big DIY projects. Instead, they just want to move in and start the newest chapter of their lives. If this description fits you, then yes – by all means, get a real estate inspection before you agree to buy.

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