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Are You Looking for a Home Inspection Service?

If you need a home inspection service in Kennebunk, ME, look no further than True Patriot Home, LLC. We are a veteran owned business that offers inspections for a variety of needs, and we're happy to help you learn all about the physical structure of your house or one that you're thinking of buying.
Many people choose to get a home inspection when they're considering the purchase of a particular house. In these cases, an inspection uncovers any hidden flaws, ranging from mold under windows to oddly rigged-up wiring that could be hazardous. Knowing about these problems allows buyers to make a better-informed bid on the property, or perhaps to choose another house altogether.
For sellers, a home inspection allows issues to be found prior to the house going on the market. This makes it so that any problems that could lower the value of the house can be fixed in advance.
Our veteran owned company also offers pre-drywall inspections. If you've purchased a house and are having it renovated, this is the perfect time for us to get a behind-the-walls look at the "guts" of the structure. By having us do a report then, you have a great chance to fix problems that would otherwise be hidden. You also won't have to worry about taking the drywall down since it'll already be off the walls.
If you would like an inspection for anything that we don't typically look for, such as radon, we'll direct you to one of our recommended partners. This makes it easy to get checks for any area of concern.
To learn more about our home inspection services, just give us a call. We're True Patriot Home, LLC.

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